Overcoming Depression is HARD

July 28, 2013By thekatyInspiration No Comments

Hey. It’s been awhile. I’ve been trying to write, but honestly it’s been difficult to make time around here. Not only is it nuts, but I have not been feeling the greatest lately. Our situation is not my favorite thing in the world, so some days are definitely more depressing than others. I know I … Read More


July 2, 2013By thekatyKids No Comments

Being sick is the worst. Especially in Summer, since I definitely don’t plan for having a Summer cold. So ugh. Plus, I am trying to plan everything for Tristan’s Birthday Party on Saturday. Definitely not the best timing! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. He was just a baby and now he will … Read More

Mom, You are NOT Fat

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“Mom, You are NOT Fat” This beautiful letter was recently posted on one of the Mommy groups I’m a part of on Facebook. Body image is what we make of it. You decide how you feel about yourself! I hope this letter inspires you as it did me. Click on the link above and check … Read More

Hold Still!

June 24, 2013By thekatyKids No Comments

Tristan used to let me take pictures of him. In fact, he would have a huge grin on his face whenever he saw my phone (default camera) come out of my pocket. It was easy to take awesome pictures of him! Now, not so much. He’s a toddler and therefore always moving. He doesn’t have … Read More

Adding Beauty

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My name is Katy and I am a busy mom of two kids under two years old. It’s crazy here! I am not going to lie to you, this is probably my 3rd (4th? 5th?) attempt to create a blog. Most of the time I either 1. Lost interest 2. Ran out of time (all … Read More