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Fifteen-year-old Alexander Hartman lives in a small town in Illinois with his parents, five brothers, and floppy-eared, four-legged sidekick. He’s relatively new at this writing thing but has won a few awards along the way. Prior to being chosen for the Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology, he’d only ever created stories for fun. His story, “The Archer,” was inspired by the adventures of Peter Pan, a tale he always enjoyed as a child…perhaps because growing up seemed so incredibly overrated. In addition to writing, he enjoys golf (which he excels at), bowling, art, and hanging out with friends.

Prior to this project, Alexander had no idea the amount of work that went into being a published author. Still, he enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot throughout the process. He would like to encourage other young writers out there who are thinking of publishing to shoot for the stars and take that leap. If you have a story, tell it. If you have a dream, make it a reality.

How long have you been writing? Did any person, book, or movie inspire you to write?

I have been writing is for as long as I can remember. Writing creatively, however, is a different story. The first time I tried creative writing was in eighth grade. That story won me the Mark Twain Young Writer’s Award. I have never really been a reader, but I loved the idea of making my words heard and express my creativity.

Where did you get inspiration for your new spin on a classic fairy tale?

My inspiration came from a few places. First, I was inspired by the television show Arrow. The main character wields a bow and arrow, an ancient weapon, but the story is set in modern times. I liked the pairing so ran with it. I was also inspired by my peers. I have written stories in my past and have (almost) always had positive support.

If you could live in any book world for one week, what fictional place would you choose and why? What does your world look like?

If I had to choose a book place that I would live in, I would have to go with Harry Potter (Hogwarts).

The whole idea of being able to do magic would be amazing.

What excites you most about being chosen by Alternate Ending Publications to take part in this innovative anthology project?

The most exciting part of being chosen, aside from the honor of making the cut, is the opportunities it can afford me. It may help me get into college and I can put it on my resume which will help me to get chosen for colleges and further help me in life.

What was your favorite fairy tale growing up?

I never really like fairy tales growing up. I was a strange kid, in that respect, I suppose. I was more into adventure. Peter Pan, though technically a fairy tale, was more about that for me.

What is your favorite genre to read and what makes you gravitate to that particular type of story?

I would choose a dystopian novel. It’s fascinating how almost all life can be wiped out in a matter of minutes leaving you with only your cleverness and skill to help you survive. The science of a good disaster book is intriguing to me, but then, I have been a geek for as long as I can remember.

Why do you think people are so drawn to fairy tales?

If I had to take a logical guess, I would say people are drawn to fairy tales because they are often magical and different than our everyday lives.

What’s your next project going to be? Any hints?

I am not too sure on what my next project is going to be. It will probably have something to do with the end of the world and the apocalypse because I would enjoy learning about concepts that could be our fate.

If you could bring one mystical or magical thing into reality what would it be?

If I could bring anything magical and/or mystical, it would have to be the ability to cast spells. It would certainly make life interesting.

What advice do you have for other kids who are interested in pursuing a path as an author? What lessons have you learned along the way?

If you dream of being a writer, start today. Don’t procrastinate. The future waits for no one.

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