I have another awesome young author interview today! If you haven’t been following my recent interviews, I’ve been talking to the authors of the Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology who are all brand new teenage authors. All of these talented writers were chosen after submitting a twisted fairy tale to Alternate Ending Publications.

To learn more about Alternate Ending Publications and the project titled the Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology, visit their Facebook page! To preorder the anthology, click here!

Faith Hays is a typical high school girl who loves to hide out in her room. You’ll often find her re-watching her favorite movies, blasting heavy metal through her stereo speakers, or curled up with a good book. She’s a collector of band tees, wears high heels as often as she can, and has a passion for cross country running and snow skiing.

She’s also a bit of a hopeless romantic. Although she’s had little experience in the boyfriend department, she waits for the day that her knight in shining armor will come sweep her off her feet.  Until that day comes, she lives her life pursuing Christ knowing that He will send her a man who will love her as He does. 

How long have you been writing? Did any person, book, or movie inspire you to write?

I used to write little picture books about a baby butterfly when I was about six years old. I’ve been writing ever since. My mom has also contributed to my love of writing since she is an author, so I guess you could say she’s kind of my inspiration.

Where did you get inspiration for your new spin on a classic fairy tale?

Belle was my favorite Disney Princess growing up and that’s what inspired me to do my spin on that fairy tale. The live action movie was also coming out pretty soon and it just seemed perfect to do Beauty and the Beast.

If you could live in any book world for one week, what fictional place would you choose and why? What does your world look like?

I would probably live in one of Sarah Dessen’s books because she is my favorite author. I’d probably work somewhere close to the beach and find true love.

What excites you most about being chosen by Alternate Ending Publications to take part in this innovative anthology project?

Getting to share something that I created with people and knowing that they really enjoy my story.

What was your favorite fairy tale growing up?

Beauty and the Beast.

What is your favorite genre to read and what makes you gravitate to that particular type of story?

I really enjoy teen romance because I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic and I love reading love stories.

Why do you think people are so drawn to fairy tales?

Anything can happen in a fairy tale. You can be anyone and do whatever you set your mind to. You have no limitations.

What’s your next project going to be? Any hints?

I have no idea. I’ll probably just mess around with a story line until I find a good one.

If you could bring one mystical or magical thing into reality what would it be?


What advice do you have for other kids who are interested in pursuing a path as an author? What lessons have you learned along the way?

Read a lot. Reading makes you understand and really appreciate good writing. And the more you read the better you write. I’ve also learned that edits are extremely important and even though it might not seem like it, it does more good than harm. Stay true to your story but also be open to changing things that will make your story even better.

Thank you for joining me today, Faith! 😀

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