Lauren Frick

Another amazing author interview for you today from the Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology! To learn more about Alternate Ending Publications and the project titled the Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology, visit their Facebook page! To preorder the anthology, click here!

Lauren Frick is currently a sophomore in high school. She is an ardent reader and passionate writer. When she has time outside of school and her many extra-curricular activities, she is spending time with her family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, or travelling to another world through a great book. Some of her favorite things include cats (among other animals), Polar Pops, bonfires, and making memories with people who matter. 

How long have you been writing? Did any person, book, or movie inspire you to write?

I’ve been writing stories since Elementary School but I didn’t get serious about writing until I was in eighth grade. Rick Riordan has definitely been a huge inspiration to me.

I fell in love with the way that his words made me connect with the characters on a different level than I ever had before. I felt as though I was living through them, not just reading about them and it was then that I realized I wanted to make someone feel like Riordan’s work makes me feel.

Where did you get inspiration for your new spin on a classic fairy tale?

Honestly, I have no idea where the idea came from. I originally was going to write a story about Little Red Riding Hood in the slums of Chicago following a major natural disaster but after weeks of staring at a blank page I just knew that wasn’t a story I could connect with. The night of the deadline an idea just hit me and I ran with it. I submitted the story just a couple of minutes before midnight.

If you could live in any book world for one week, what fictional place would you choose and why? What does your world look like?

If I could live in any book world for one week it would definitely be a toss up between Harry Potter (Hogwarts) or Percy Jackson (Camp Half-Blood) because I’ve always wondered what cabin or house I would be in! Hogwarts is mysterious, magical, and enchanting. Camp Half-Blood is family, mystical, and gorgeous.

What excites you most about being chosen by Alternate Ending Publications to take part in this innovative anthology project?

The thing that excites me most is getting feedback on my writing and seeing if this is something that I could pursue in the future.

What was your favorite fairy tale growing up?

My favorite fairy tale growing up was Rapunzel. I admire the moral, if it’s meant to be, it will be.

What is your favorite genre to read and what makes you gravitate to that particular type of story?

My favorite genre of story to read is fantasy, I find the animals enchanting and the stories mesmerizing.

Why do you think people are so drawn to fairy tales?

I think that people are drawn to fairy tales because they’re a simple way to digest common themes. They aren’t complicated, you don’t have to dissect the story to discover the underlying meaning.

What’s your next project going to be? Any hints?

I have thousands of ideas, all I need is a dead line to fuel my procrastination.

If you could bring one mystical or magical thing into reality what would it be?

If I could bring one mystical or magical thing into reality it would be thestrals from Harry Potter. I think that it’s a beautiful thought that after you witness someone leave your life for ever a new creature takes their place.

What advice do you have for other kids who are interested in pursuing a path as an author? What lessons have you learned along the way?

Write as much as you can, whenever you can. I’ve learned that writing is a constructive process and your first draft will never be perfect.

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