Less than two weeks until #OIBF 2017!

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As you can see by the title of this post, we only have less than two weeks until we are hanging out in Springfield, MO! I cannot wait to see everyone, talk about books, and see my favorite authors! What are you most excited about?

If you haven’t decided whether or not to attend Ozarks Indie Book Fest, NOW is the time to purchase your tickets! For this week only, you can get $15 off of your ticket price with the code: oibf2017. Click here to snag yours and I’ll see you there!

Now, for those planning on going already have you been to a book convention before? Even if you have, I thought I’d throw together a quick list of things that have helped me as a reader attending a book con.

  • A heavy duty tote bag. Or some people bring backpacks or even little carts! If you purchased the 2 day ticket, it includes a swag bag, but if you haven’t definitely bring a bag! There are books to be purchased and signed by authors, free swag, and honestly it’s just nice to have somewhere to put everything!
  • A notebook and pen. Attending panels or not, a notebook is a great idea.
  • Sharpies. Most authors will have these at their tables to sign your books, but if you bring your own you won’t risk their pen not working!
  • Wear comfortable shoes. A lot of walking happens at a convention!
  • Cash. Most authors accept cards or Paypal, but JUST in case. It literally pays to be prepared. 😉
  • Phone. I’ve found that adding authors right away on social media was helpful so I wouldn’t forget to do it later. Also, some giveaways may be announced via social media or by text!
  • Camera (or phone!): For those selfies that will definitely happen with your favorite author!
  • Book character costume. We are dressing up as our favorite book characters for the awards ceremony and party afterwards! Woo!

I’ll add to this list if I think of anything else! I am so excited to see everyone. Get your tickets and I’ll see you there!

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