Today is my birthday. As an adult/parent, I don’t really get to run away and experience it exactly the way I want (see photo as one example. Other ideas would be wearing Wizard robes and galavanting about Harry Potter World in Flordia). Instead, I am hanging out with Graham while Tristan is in school and then watching Netflix while Graham is in therapy. And that’s ok! Someday I’ll make it to Harry Potter World, but a nice day at home with family is great too.

Plus, I have a new book release coming out SOON (JUNE 10th)! It’s called “From Now On: The Last Words Anthology.” I’ve banded together with a bunch of amazing authors to put together a dystopian anthology unlike anything else. In the weeks leading up to the anthology, I’ll be interviewing each author from the antho so you can get to know them and their story a little better. Be sure to preorder ASAP because it’s only $0.99 right now!

My story is called “Mirrors” and follows a guy in his mid-twenties who moves through life in a pointless fashion. He soon discovers that the world isn’t what it seems to be…

Here is the teaser from my story:

AND last but not least, the AMAZING cover! 😀

Introducing From Now On: The Last Words Anthology. It’s a collection of dystopian stories that all end with “from now on I’ll save myself”. All proceeds from the anthology go to JDRF charity to fund research for children with type 1 diabetes.

A villainous father and a hero in the making.
Freedom fighters rebelling against the status quo.
An alternate reality beyond the mirror.
A genetically engineered virus.
An underground society and a girl fighting to leave it behind.
A city isolated from the real world and suspended in time.
Selective survival.
The banshee apocalypse in Maine.

Nine talented storytellers share tales that focus on the moment everything changed. In a dystopian society, very little is certain, but one thing is for sure.

From now on, they’ll save themselves.


Thank you for making this birthday amazing right where you are and right where I am. <3 Have a great day! And share away!

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