Author Terry R. Hill: “The result of a lifetime of experiences.”

August 24, 2016By thekatyAuthor Interviews, Books 12 Comments

Please welcome Author Terry R. Hill to THE KATY today! Terry R. Hill is a Texas native, educated with two degrees in aerospace engineering. He has worked for NASA since 1997 as an engineer and project manager spanning programs from the international space station’s navigation software, next generation space suit design, exploration mission planning, to mitigating the health … Read More

“Tap into your curiosity”-Interview with Author Patricia Gilliam

July 19, 2016By thekatyAuthor Interviews, Books 21 Comments

Please welcome Author Patricia Gilliam to THE KATY today! Patricia is the author of The Hannaria Series, a science fiction drama centered around an alien ambassador and his family. Her shorter works include the novella Thaw (Kindle Worlds: Hugh Howey’s Silo Saga) and “The Backup,” a short story featured in The Immortality Chronicles anthology. She and her husband Cory live … Read More

Awaken your inner observer! Interview with science fiction author Josi Russell

July 12, 2016By thekatyAuthor Interviews, Books 2 Comments

Josi Russell’s science fiction novels explore familiar human relationships in unfamiliar contexts. She currently teaches creative writing and fiction courses as an Associate Professor of English for Utah State University Eastern. She lives in the alien landscape of the high desert American Southwest with her family and a giant tortoise named Caesar. Josi is captivated … Read More