B is for Books

April 2, 2015By thekatyBook Reviews, Books 2 Comments

Day 2 is here of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge. If you remember, my theme is “The Good, the Bad, and the Katy.” If you have followed me for the past few months, you might have noticed that I like to read. I added a reviews page to my site and everything! I … Read More

Review: Slumber by Christy Sloat

March 18, 2015By thekatyBook Reviews, Books 2 Comments

Synopsis (via Amazon): Not all princesses get their happily ever after… They tell me I killed my boyfriend Phillip in cold blood. I stabbed him twenty one times. I’m only seventeen years old, and I am serving life in Spindle Ridge Asylum for the Criminally Insane. I don’t remember killing him, so it’s really hard to … Read More

Review: “Forever Between” by Ann Christy

March 12, 2015By thekatyBook Reviews, Books 3 Comments

Synopsis: Four year ago the world was destroyed by medical nanites gone awry, leaving humanity divided into three groups: the living, deaders, and the horrific in-betweeners. Two years ago, Emily braved that dangerous world to try and save a group of children trapped downtown. Now, it’s Veronica’s turn to try and save Emily in return. Their … Read More

Review: The In-Betweener by Ann Christy

January 28, 2015By thekatyBook Reviews, Books 2 Comments

Synopsis Two years ago a new medical nanite advance divided humanity into three types: humans, deaders and the frightening in-betweeners who crave human flesh. Emily’s world has grown quiet and ordered, her day bounded by mornings killing deaders at her fence and nights alone in a warehouse office. She’s begun to believe life will always … Read More

Review: Jolie du Pre’s Audio book: Benton: A Zombie Novel Vol. 1

January 20, 2015By thekatyBook Reviews, Books 2 Comments

Story synopsis (copied from Amazon): Zombies have killed everyone in the Benton household–all except twenty-something Jennifer. She’s escaped her bedroom, but what now? Waterbank, Illinois is overrun. Where can she go? A chance encounter with seven other young survivors points her toward Texas. A charismatic, handsome young man named Mark says he can lead them all … Read More