Convention = Community

May 22, 2017By thekatyBooks 1 Comment

What do you think of when you think of conventions? Do you think of cosplayers decked out in geeky attire they made themselves? Or do you think of a local gathering of booths showcasing the latest infomercial gadgets? While both of these are true examples of conventions, there is a more recent example I had in mind. … Read More

Interview with author T.M. Lakomy

May 17, 2017By thekatyAuthor Interviews, Books No Comments

Please welcome author T.M. Lakomy to THE KATY blog today! I am T. M Lakomy (Tamara Lakomy). I was born in London but grew up as a tribal girl in a North African repressive regime. I spent my childhood between the slums of Mellasine and the affluent neighborhoods in Tunis. I studied archaeology and became … Read More

Changes and a new Facebook page!

May 12, 2017By thekatyBooks No Comments

Hello, everyone! You may have noticed some changes happening around the site. I am taking THE KATY in a slightly new direction in that I’m going to focus a lot of my own writing now. Don’t worry! I still am planning many interviews with authors and a few book reviews as well. One of my … Read More

Interview with author Derek Borne!

May 9, 2017By thekatyAuthor Interviews, Books 1 Comment

Please welcome Author Derek Borne to THE KATY today! Derek has a new release this Saturday, May 13th! Be sure to check out the link below his bio to preorder.  Derek Borne is the name, and superhero espionage is his game. An up-and-coming science fiction author, he will be releasing the first novel in his … Read More

Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology Author Interview with Alexander Hartman!

April 27, 2017By thekatyAuthor Interviews, Books No Comments

  How about another interview today? For fun? 😀 To learn more about Alternate Ending Publications and the project titled the Twisted Fairy Tales Anthology, visit their Facebook page! To preorder the anthology, click here! Fifteen-year-old Alexander Hartman lives in a small town in Illinois with his parents, five brothers, and floppy-eared, four-legged sidekick. He’s relatively new … Read More