Be different. Be the light.

September 23, 2016By thekatyInspiration, Kids No Comments

I noticed this article on Facebook as I scrolled down my feed tonight, which highlights one of a special needs parent’s greatest concerns. Will my child have friends? In this case, a father went to his eleven year old son’s “Back to School Night.” You can read it for yourself, but the gist is that all the … Read More

Be present—My goal for the weekend.

August 12, 2016By thekatyInspiration, Kids 2 Comments

I have a lot of new followers, which is awesome (Hi, all!), but many of you might not know that my husband and I have two kids with Autism. They are super great! I wrote about them previously here, here, and here, but it’s been awhile since I’ve written up an update. Tristan is now … Read More

Aspiring to inspire. I’m a coach.

August 9, 2016By thekatyInspiration No Comments

About a month ago, I embarked on a new journey. While still continuing to blog, be a mom, wife, and full-time career woman, I decided that I wanted to help people feel better about themselves and to gain healthy habits. I am now a health and fitness coach! This brand new direction I’m taking will not … Read More