Prayers for Nice, France and the world today

July 15, 2016By thekatyInspiration 2 Comments

I know I don’t usually talk about current events on this blog. My blog is devoted to books, geekiness, and other such things that offer us an escape from reality. A reality that has become somehow darker lately than we thought possible. Everyone has a different way of coping with tragedies. Me? I write. The only … Read More

on the edge

April 12, 2016By thekatyInspiration 2 Comments

It’s been awhile since I’ve written an inspirational post. Sorry about that. I know people (myself included) need encouragement and today is one of the days I need to write some words for myself. Do you ever have those moments where you’re on the edge? Not “on edge” or annoyed by things, but actually on … Read More

on the days we lose

March 1, 2016By thekatyInspiration 2 Comments

I lost today. I gathered my courage and new writer skills and wrote a short story. I submitted this 5000 word piece of myself to a (free) short story competition. After reading thousands (into the double digits) of short stories, the contest judges contacted the winners yesterday…and I wasn’t one of them. Of course, I … Read More


February 4, 2016By thekatyInspiration 1 Comment

I’m watching “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” right now. If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s about a man who works in an office for TIME magazine. He loses the negative from an important photo and needs to find the photographer who took it. He leaves his daydreams behind and makes them a reality. … Read More

The death of someone I don’t know

January 14, 2016By thekatyGeek, Inspiration 4 Comments

This week has been tough. Not for any personal reasons (unlike last week when my car battery died, my phone fell in some water, and I hit a deer). Two great men died this week. I didn’t know them personally, but they still affected my life. David Bowie and Alan Rickman were part of my … Read More

Always be kind.

December 15, 2015By thekatyInspiration 2 Comments

Yesterday, someone said to me that they believed all people are mean, that no actually good people exist in this world. I thought about this and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve always believed. All people are not mean. Sure, there are legitimately mean people, but there are good people who do good things … Read More

Why I thank God for Netflix

November 13, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Kids 4 Comments

As parents, we hear all the time how horrible it is to let your kids watch copious amounts of television. But what if, through television we are able to cross the border of no words to talking in sentences? My son, Tristan, has Autism. At 17 months old, he stopped talking. He used to say … Read More

Back-burner or Burn out

September 28, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Kids No Comments

I have this problem where I can’t say no. I seem to love piling more things on my plate when it seems like there is no way I can fit one more thing. I still find a way to make it work, even if it feels like I’m going to burn out sometime soon.  Anyone else … Read More

Time to meet some goals

September 9, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Writing 3 Comments

70,000 words down….20,000 to go? I’m really not sure how many words I’ll need to finish my first novel, but I suppose that once the novel is done then I’ll know the answer. When I won NaNoWriMo 2014, I had a messy pile of a little over 50K words sitting on my computer (and backed … Read More