Be different. Be the light.

September 23, 2016By thekatyInspiration, Kids No Comments

I noticed this article on Facebook as I scrolled down my feed tonight, which highlights one of a special needs parent’s greatest concerns. Will my child have friends? In this case, a father went to his eleven year old son’s “Back to School Night.” You can read it for yourself, but the gist is that all the … Read More

Be present—My goal for the weekend.

August 12, 2016By thekatyInspiration, Kids 2 Comments

I have a lot of new followers, which is awesome (Hi, all!), but many of you might not know that my husband and I have two kids with Autism. They are super great! I wrote about them previously here, here, and here, but it’s been awhile since I’ve written up an update. Tristan is now … Read More

Why I thank God for Netflix

November 13, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Kids 4 Comments

As parents, we hear all the time how horrible it is to let your kids watch copious amounts of television. But what if, through television we are able to cross the border of no words to talking in sentences? My son, Tristan, has Autism. At 17 months old, he stopped talking. He used to say … Read More

Back-burner or Burn out

September 28, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Kids No Comments

I have this problem where I can’t say no. I seem to love piling more things on my plate when it seems like there is no way I can fit one more thing. I still find a way to make it work, even if it feels like I’m going to burn out sometime soon.  Anyone else … Read More

32 Hours PER WEEK

August 19, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Kids 6 Comments

“Those who qualified for the State funding ABA waiver need to have 32 hours of EIBI therapy per week.” I almost choked on my snack sized pretzels. I’d arrived first at the parent orientation for my son’s therapy. ABA stands for “Applied Behavior Analysis.” This is one type of therapy that works really well for kids … Read More

My kids love sharing

May 13, 2015By thekatyKids 1 Comment

Oh boy, I am a mess this week. Not because I am overwhelmed by the fact my kids like to share, because what they like to share is not something I WANT them to give me. My two, sweet and adorable toddlers like to share their colds. And this wasn’t just any cold. OH NO. … Read More

U is for Unicorns

April 24, 2015By thekatyGeek, Kids No Comments

We are getting to the difficult letters now! I decided to feature Unicorns for the letter ‘U’ or more specifically the show “My Little Pony.”  To see how other bloggers tackle this letter, visit the Blogging from A to Z Challenge website. The Good: Luke and I were introduced to this show on Netflix. There are … Read More

T is for Tristan

April 23, 2015By thekatyKids 6 Comments

Tristan, almost four years old, is my first born son. I wanted to feature him for the letter ‘T’ of the A to Z Blogging Challenge. The Good: Tristan is amazing. I can’t believe he’s almost four already! His joy radiates off his face at all times, which is infectious. Tristan attends school near our old … Read More

Q is for Quiet

April 20, 2015By thekatyInspiration, Kids No Comments

Q is a difficult letter. Do I want to write about quitting? Not really. Quail? No idea…I have never even eaten quail. Although those cute little quail eggs on Food Network shows are super cute/look delicious. But still…no. I decided on quiet. Beautiful, glorious QUIET. View other ‘Q’ posts from other blogs participating in the … Read More