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F is for The Flash! As a kid, my favorite super hero was The Flash. I didn’t know much about him at first. I discovered him when my parents let each of us (my brother, sister, and I) pick out a comic book on vacation. I chose The Flash comic and loved him the most ever since.

theflashmemeEven though I started out with a comic book in my hand, I never got into more of the comic books (I’m hoping to change that soon). I watched The Flash in cartoons and always wished I could run that fast.

For awhile I fell out of love with Superheroes because I was getting a little tired of all the movies coming out…lame, right? Now, I am back on board and watching The Flash TV show for the first time. I love it so far (NO SPOILERS!).

The Flash is 100% good. He wants to save everyone and it tears him apart when he can’t. The show is funny, exciting, with enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. If you haven’t started watching The Flash yet, season one is on Netflix!

Did you have a favorite super hero as a kid?

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