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My theme is “All Things Geek.”


H is for Hell. A lot of fandoms involve it in the storyline and it makes for some pretty awesome characters. I wanted to talk about a few characters that come from the place or go there for a brief visit for today’s post.


Again, I haven’t read the comics…sigh. But I love the movies. Hellboy is a demon that entered a portal into our realm when he was very young. Once he grows up, he helps a secret organization fight any evil forces that may have also entered the portal on that night. The movies are awesome! Full of action, humor, and the right amount of feels.

Black Butler

a05903469c60768bc515d7c3517182a4Sebastian is also a demon, but not as well-meaning as Hellboy. A boy named Ciel (also an Earl and heir to the Phantomhive household) sells his soul to this demon in exchange for revenge on all those who contributed to his parents’ deaths. Ciel gives the demon the name Sebastian, who then becomes his servant until the job is done. It’s a darker anime that takes place in Victorian England. There are some humorous moments to break up the darkness and I loved the ending. I have not watched season two because I heard that it ruined the beautiful ending in the first season. The show is on Netflix right now! One recommendation I have is to watch the show with Japanese dubbing and English subtitles. The English voices of the servants are VERY annoying in my opinion!

TONS of things from Supernatural

I could probably go on for hours about how many characters come from or go to hell at some point. I’ll just throw a meme here in lieu of explanation. Do you have a favorite from this show?



I love Constantine. Keanu Reeves is rarely a good actor, but he is great in this movie. The part fits him very well! Constantine is a man who sends demons and other nasty things back to hell where they belong. Add it to the list of comics I haven’t read. Sigh.

Any Hell-ish characters from books, movies, or shows that you enjoy?



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