How listening to “Hamilton: An American Musical” helps me focus on goals

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I love musicals. And as far as I know, I always have. My love for music began with Disney movies as a kid (like most people probably) and I soon blossomed into a dancing/singing child telling her mom that her life was ruined because she wasn’t named Jasmine like the character in Aladdin.

As I grew, I still watched Disney musicals, but also discovered Broadway. In high school, I was excited to make it into show choir where we danced and sang many iconic tunes from the stage. I even got the chance to sing a solo for our end of the year concert senior year. I felt like I was on Broadway for those four performances! I had big dreams on making it someday on the big stage in New York.

Now, I still have ambition. I still love musicals. But my priorities have changed. I don’t have time to try out for musicals or plays, but I do have goals for my family’s future.

Not that I lost my love for those things I grew up with, but listening to Hamilton: An American Musical definitely brought me back to my musical passions. I don’t claim to be a history buff by any means, but Hamilton seems pretty accurate to events that unfolded all those years ago. Even if not, historians have apparently given the musical a free pass. Regardless of accuracy, Hamilton is my JAM. I listen to the soundtrack on Spotify almost every day I’m at work. Not only is the music catchy, different, and takes a fun and different approach to history—Hamilton motivates me to be better and strive to reach my goals.

Ok…Katy, that’s dumb. It’s just music.

No, it’s not just music. It’s motivation! Hamilton is a man who will stop at nothing to reach his goals. “I’m not going to lose my shot” is said many times by Hamilton throughout the performance. He is a poor, bastard immigrant with no status, which meant he should-be resigned to the fact that he would accomplish nothing that he wanted to in his life. However, because he doesn’t give up and “writes like he’s running out of time,” Alexander Hamilton makes something of himself. If that isn’t inspiring, I don’t know what is! The way I take this into my own daily activities is to keep trying. If you give up on your dreams, goals, and passions you will never realize them. One of the definitions of “failure” in the dictionary is “lack of success.” But I feel that a lack of success is NOT failure unless you aren’t trying to reach those goals.


Alexander Hamilton does something I will never do to reach my goals. Various songs throughout the musical claim that Hamilton will “never be satisfied.” Even at the expense of family, Hamilton meets his goals and keeps reaching for the next one. He doesn’t bring his family along with him, but leaves them behind until it’s too late. Even though he displays on many occasions that he loves his family, he also cheats on his wife and takes on more responsibilities in order to further his legacy instead of spending time with them. I understand that in a high-profile position, like Hamilton has after the war, sacrifices need to be made. I feel so bad for Eliza. She says she wants to “be enough” for him, but she never is.

But if you make family a part of your priorities, you won’t leave them behind (plus, not cheating on your spouse seems kind of a given to me? Right!?). I am in the process of making a schedule that will help me keeping my family at the top of my priorities.

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Start with 5 priorities. The point of making a priorities list/schedule is to further your goals while still meeting your priorities. If it doesn’t fit in your schedule and isn’t in your priorities, you say NO. As I’ve said before, saying no is very difficult for me. But to actually make life better for me and my family (and to NOT go insane), I know I need to start saying no.

Here are my five priorities.
  1. Health, happiness, and personal progression
  2. Marriage
  3. Children
  4. Writing
  5. Coaching
These five can change, of course, and each priority will have sub-points underneath. See below for some examples:
  1. Health, happiness, and personal progression
    • fitness, healthy eating, personal development, faith, reading
  2. Marriage
    • communication, time together
  3. Children
    • Time with kids, ABA therapy/development
  4. Writing
    • anthologies, blogging, interviews
  5. Coaching
    • help others, accountability to my priorities

If whatever new thing you’re being asked to do isn’t in your priorities or doesn’t have a place in your future goals that align with them, SAY NO. If you are neglecting something on your priority list, that means something needs to be dropped. I still need to work on this more, but I am starting this list so I don’t feel like I’m drowning in things to do!

Do you have your priorities aligned with your future goals? 

Find out more about Hamilton: An American Musical here. And I highly recommend listening on Spotify or something because it’s awesome. I hope to see it in person someday! #lifegoals

*This post was not paid for by anyone. I only used the character of Alexander as an example for this post and use/pay for Spotify for personal use.


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