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My theme is “All Things Geek.”


So close, but yet so far. A droid. A lesser life-form to some in the Star Wars universe. No one has more to prove. Our letter today is ‘I’ and I decided to cover a bounty hunter that receives almost no love from anyone–IG-88.

Here is the article about IG-88 from Wookiepedia.

He probably has anxiety, like the rest of us! Poor guy.

IG-88 is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. Probably in the top three with Boba Fett and Bossk. Boba Fett is my personal favorite and always has been since seeing Star Wars for the first time. I’m actually wearing a Boba Fett jacket right now as I write this… But in the back of my mind, I wished I knew a little bit more about the history of the fearsome looking droid that also wanted to collect the bounty on Han Solo and his crew in the Empire Strikes Back.

What makes a droid turn to bounty hunting? Does he feel the need to make money? Is it the challenge of finding and capturing his quarry or is it something deeper? Maybe a fellow droid is enslaved somewhere and IG-88 needs to make enough money to free them (IG-88’s head is actually recycled from the Cantina scene on Tatooine. Maybe it’s not HIS head, but a relative he’s trying to free). Anyone know?!

Either way, I wrote a short poem on behalf of IG-88.

Second again. Never first.

Data states. Facts hurt.

I must be best. Never rest.

Until my name is feared most in this game.

Ok. It’s not a great poem…the last line doesn’t even fit. But don’t you judge him! He’s a bounty hunter droid, not a poet.

Do you have any characters you think deserve more recognition and back story?

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