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The letter M is for Makeup today on THE KATY. I love makeup. So here it is. To view more blogs participating in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge, click here.

The Good: Although I love makeup, I never really bought much of it until very recently.

My April Ipsy Glam Bag

My April Ipsy Glam Bag

Since I still don’t know what works best for me, I filled out a profile on Ipsy and subscribed to their monthly makeup bag. I am on my 3rd month and I am in love. Note, I am not being paid by Ipsy! I really am just a makeup newbie who wants to expand her makeup skills beyond eyeshadow and eyeliner. Here are some photos of the April Glam Bag from Ipsy that I just got in the mail a few days ago. So far, I have tried the “Nude Dude” eye shadow, the Klorane dry shampoo, and the Mica eye primer. All three of these products are great! I especially love the eye shadow. It is a neutral color, but still has a bit of shimmer in it, which adds a great element to my eyes! I’ve never used dry shampoo before, so when I discovered that I was receiving some in the mail I was excited! The dry shampoo has a subtle scent that doesn’t smell like chemicals. I think I envisioned it smelling like hair spray or something…
Ipsy is only $10 per month and I have found some great products every time I’ve gotten it in the mail. One product I need to buy (because the small bottle they sent is all used up) is the LeeAnni Eco 3-in-1 Revolution Light. It’s facial toner, serum, and moisturizer all in one and it feels so refreshing!
The Bad: Injuries…makeup can cause lacerations and scrapes if you don’t take the proper steps to prevent them. In fact, I might need stitches on the leg wound…


Ok, I’m kidding. These wounds were caused by makeup, but not by an actual injury. I have brushing up on some special effects makeup effects lately and these two wounds were the result. I really like Goldie Starling and FreakMo SFX‘s YouTube channels.Their beginner tutorials are awesome! I chose the scraped knuckles and a deep laceration to try on Friday night. I think they turned out pretty good, although my lacerations do not look as real as Kiana’s of FreakMo SFX. I’ll get there with practice! A few new friends were genuinely worried for me, which is a great sign (both about the makeup and the friends…although maybe they thought they were getting a less weird friend…sorry)! I used liquid latex, my Wolfe palettes for the color, fake blood (both liquidy and my favorite Ben Nye scab blood), Ben Nye nose and scar wax for the laceration).

Any suggestions for what to try next? To see what I’ve already done, view my Halloween post from last year and my special effects makeup post.

The Katy: I am already planning my Halloween costume for this year, but that is a secret for now! One vague hint: It’s not a zombie this year. More hints as the project progresses.

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    Oh my goodness! Those wounds look so real they almost made me sick. I do not do so great with blood. I’ve never worn makeup. It drove my mom batty. My 4 year old daughter is already IN LOVE with makeup, and she and my mom are teaming up to ask me why I don’t wear it. I’m in for it! Love this blog post.

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      I am sorry for almost making you sick! I should have wrote “Graphic Content” on the top. I apologize.

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        It’s okay! My dad’s a surgeon. I’m constantly being made fun of for my fear of blood.

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