Second to last week of posts for the A-Z Blogging Challenge. Crazy! Today’s letter is O.

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For today’s post, I decided to think about my childhood a little bit and see what interests I’ve kept from then to my geek-filled adulthood. Please list your own old school favorites in the comment section!

Sailor Moon: I loved Sailor Moon is grade school. We watched it all the time on Cartoon Network after school. All of my classmates loved it too and a few of us would pretend to be the characters. Surprise surprise, no one wanted to be Sailor Uranus. I’ve moved on from this anime, but it definitely a classic!

Pokemon: By the time the Pokemon craze came around, my classmates were over anime, so I actually got made fun of for having Pokemon cards. I didn’t really care though because I thought Pokemon was amazing! Not so much into it now. When it started, there were 150 Pokemon. Now, there are several million or something (estimate). (We also collected YuGiOh cards!)

Dragonball/Dragonball Z: My siblings and I watched these shows almost religiously. Now, I probably couldn’t even tell you the plot of one episode besides: they are probably fighting or training to fight someone.

Star Wars: Loved Star Wars since 1st grade and it’s been in my heart all this time until now. True love. <3

Legend of Zelda: We played Ocarina of Time like everyone else. I remember renting it for N64 before we bought it. Do you remember renting video games and VHS tapes from Blockbuster? That is the definition of Old School.

Harvest Moon: I had (and still have) this game for N64 and Gamecube. I would play this again for sure. It’s been a long time, but there is something awesome about being a virtual farmer and leaving your real-life problems and responsibilities behind for a bit.

MS-Paint: When my parents brought home our first desktop computer (Gateway, I believe), I grew addicted to MS-Paint. I drew characters from my favorite shows and it was amazing. Now, I have moved on to Photoshop and Illustrator. A little more high end, but a little less doodling happens. Pros and cons for sure. I know I have some of my MS-Paint pictures saved somewhere (I printed them), so I’ll have to update this post once I find them!

Final Fantasy VII: My siblings and I took turns when we got new games. I can’t remember if we only were allowed 30 minutes before we switched or a whole hour, but one of our favorites was Final Fantasy VII. I am EXTREMELY excited for them to rerelease the game soon.

I could probably prattle on for hours, but I want to hear YOUR childhood geekiness. Or when/what started your obsession with your favorite fandoms?

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