S is for Skulldug (Board Game Review) #AtoZChallenge

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I’ve chosen another board game/Kickstarter campaign to review for the letter S today!  To see other blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge, click here. To see what my theme is all about, click here.

TK-Skulldug-boxart What attracted me to the Skulldug Kickstarter campaign was the way the creators stayed in character. The spoke about adventures and treasure the entire campaign. Their enthusiasm was/is infectious! The feel/look of the game art drew me in as well.

As the campaign progressed, the creators of Skulldug kept us backers up to date with what was happening, which was appreciated. After completing the backerkit survey, I received my rewards quickly with no damage to any of the game contents.

I’ve only gotten to play Skulldug once so far, but it has the potential to replay over and over.  Not only can you play as teams, but there is also two player and single player mode. I am definitely excited to try the single player mode. My husband and I often work opposite schedules, so the idea of a board game I can play by myself is extremely intriguing.

The main premise of the game is that you are an explorer. The goal is to find three artifacts. It sounds easy, but each room has traps or creatures to defeat before you can grab said treasure. Oh, and by the way, the treasure you need is all cursed. So once you grab it, you might lose health each turn or suddenly have to move one less step per turn.

Skulldug is a tile-laying game, which means that it’s a mystery how the gameboard is laid out each time you play! I love these types of games. At the beginning of your turn, if you are entering a new room, you choose a new room tile from the deck and lay it any way you want next to the tile where your character is currently standing. It’s so much fun to see what happens next!

I definitely will be playing Skulldug for years to come. Check it out! Like this Board game review? Click Here

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