U is for Unicorns

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We are getting to the difficult letters now! I decided to feature Unicorns for the letter ‘U’ or more specifically the show “My Little Pony.”  To see how other bloggers tackle this letter, visit the Blogging from A to Z Challenge website.Rarity-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-20570179-570-402

The Good: Luke and I were introduced to this show on Netflix. There are only so many not annoying kids shows and movies on Netflix and we needed something fresh. We had heard good things about My Little Pony (first from a bartender at Applebee’s actually!) and decided to check it out. Ok….catchy songs…great animation…storylines I don’t hate…this show is actually really entertaining! Then we found the Brony documentaries on Netflix. They are ridiculous. And awesome. There are entire groups of adults that love this show.

The Bad: I feel bad liking a kids show so much. But I shouldn’t feel bad. Why is there so much stigma for adults liking cartoons? I love Adventure Time too and I don’t feel weird about that. Maybe I just need to OWN it, you know? Watch the documentaries mentioned above. They cover the stigma surrounding Bronies and such. Adults watching the show are not creepy child stalkers! Some, like me, discovered the show because they wanted something not crappy to watch with their kids. Others just wanted a good show to watch that had a positive vibe to it. My boys love it and it portrays great virtues for them to learn. Nothing wrong with that.

my_little_pony_vector___happy_twilight_sparkle_by_krusiu42-d5u8g1xThe Katy: While Luke and I don’t consider ourselves Bronies, we think it’s awesome that people can come together and hang out because of a kid’s show. When my kids are watching, I know I will be singing along to the songs. Plus, the main character (Twilight Sparkle) loves reading. I can relate to that! 

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