You can probably guess where this post is going from the title. Luke’s favorite movie/book is Jurassic Park, so you can probably assume that we are a little excited about Jurassic World. See other ‘V’ blogs in the challenge, here.

The Good: A new trailer for Jurassic World just came out this week. View it below. It features Chris Pratt and some Velociraptors. So awesome.

What else can I say? Chris Pratt says it all: “If we do this, we do it my way.”


The Bad: I honestly cannot think of anything bad about Jurassic World coming out…um…maybe I’ll have to wake up early the morning after opening night because I have kids? That’s not your fault, you beautiful movie. Those toddlers just don’t know what’s good yet. Shhh….


Ok, well, I am very excited for Jurassic World. I love Velociraptors the most because they are smart, sadistic, and terrifying. It is going to be awesome to see Chris Pratt leading a pack of them on a huge dinosaur hunt. I’m game. Here is a link to Luke’s tattoo of a Velociraptor. Love it. I hope this post was coherent enough, but if not just remember…

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