We are to the letter ‘Y’, people. Only one more letter to go after this. Before this challenge, I pretty much just posted whenever I felt like it…now, will I be able to STOP posting? We’ll see. Other A to Z posts about ‘Y’ here.

The Good: I chose YouTube for the letter ‘Y’ because I love it. Lately I use YouTube for make up tutorials (see my post for the letter ‘M’, warning graphic photos of fake wounds), but before my SFX Makeup obsession I loved all manner of videos. Apparently, it was YouTube’s 10th Anniversary on April 23rd (yep, I Googled it)! I stumbled upon a tweet by FastCompany, with a video compilation of famous YouTube videos from the past 10 years. Oh the memories!

Another thing I love about YouTube is music videos. Music Videos are usually super weird, but I really love seeing the artists’ visions come to life. In college, Luke and I used to share music video links back and forth trying to 1-UP each other in our video battle. Ah, romance.

Here are a few of my faves lately.



I have more. But I’ll stop. This post took me awhile to write, which brings me to….

The Bad: 
Have you ever really needed to get something done, but instead you sat down in front of YouTube? Suddenly, it’s two hours later and you feel a little ashamed of yourself. It’s sort of like Pinterest that way.

The Katy: This was the first video I ever uploaded. I was in college and Luke and his roommate bought a coffee pot on clearance…. I have a newer account I use now, but the video of the “Redneck Coffeemaker” is still there. Ha! So sad.

Have any video suggestions for me? Comment below and I’ll check them out.

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