I recently learned about an awesome blogger challenge for April. It’s meant to help bloggers become better writers and to expose them to new readers. I learned about this challenge from Jolie du Pré (see her own A to Z challenge here!), author of an awesome Zombie series called Benton: A Zombie Novel (my review of Vol.1 here). Thank you for posting about the challenge, it sounds like a blast!

Now for the big theme reveal….drum roll please!

The theme for the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge is The Good the Bad & the Katy. I figure that even though it may seem a little easy to just pick things I like…and don’t like…it’ll be challenging enough for year one I think. I am a fairly casual blogger, but it would be nice to gather a bigger following and become a great writer!

the good the bad the katy

Read more A to Z theme reveals here!

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