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April 6, 2015 , In: Inspiration , With: 3 Comments

This one is a tough one for me…it more of a confession than a blog post. I fell off the exercise wagon before we moved to our house (so…a few months ago). I was doing great, feeling better, and more energized. Then, our house was hit with another one of those “kick me while I’m down” colds that they hand out at daycare twice a month. It was rough. It was an excuse to not work out for a few days. It ended my great routine I had going. BAD KATY.

The Good: Exercising can be fun! I am rather partial to the Blogilates YouTube video series by Cassey Ho. She puts together a new workout calendar for each month that lists the videos you need to watch (and DO, people. Don’t just watch) for that day. She is a happy, fit person that wants people to succeed in becoming a healthier individual. I am getting an area clear in the basement where we can set up yoga mats and then I am getting back on that wagon!

The Bad(sort of): It is so easy to find yet another excuse to not exercise.

But instead of committing to getting in shape, sometimes it’s easier/better to just do it for yourself. This wonderful person I know is my inspiration.  The woman pictured here is also my inspiration. I know I may never have “the perfect body”, especially after having two kids, but I want to garner the confidence to love myself, stretch marks and all. Please visit “The Chic Site” on facebook and join in on some post-partum body image celebration! (Image is from The Chic Site. I did not take it and she is not me!)

I will have this confidence this Summer!

I will have this confidence this Summer!


The Katy: I have already lost a lot of weight since having Graham December 2012. During pregnancy I weighed 185 lbs (give or take a few pounds…I may have blocked out that I gained so much weight). After having Graham, I hardly lost anything! I was really disappointed. Now, I weigh around 150 lbs and feel a lot better. I still want to drop another 10lbs, but need to not eat half of a loaf of Beer Bread like I did today in order to reach that goal!

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    I agree. It’s so easy to put exercise on the back burner. I love Zumba, and I do it twice a week. I’m trying to exercise with the kids: trampoline, basketball in the back yard, biking around. I loved this blog post!

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      Thank you for your comment! I am definitely excited to run around the kids now that it’s warming up. They are too little for basketball, but I am getting out the double jogger for sure!

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        When they get a little bit older, exercising with them is a great way to encourage healthy habits! We love it.

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