Let’s talk about motivation…a writer’s enemy

April 6, 2017 With: No Comments

Hey all. I’ve been bad at blogging lately. Not only that, I’ve been bad at writing at all lately. I find myself staring at either a screen or a notebook, fingers poised to write something amazing…and nothing happens. I even had an idea to write a short blog post about motivation a few months ago…but lacked the motivation.


It all comes down to motivation. Getting started. JUST DOING THE THING. It’s often more difficult than it should be! Can you relate?

So, I am kicking myself in the butt a little bit to kickstart my little writer’s heart again! MOTIVATION GO!

Here are a few things I am doing to get myself moving a little.

  1. Writing lists. I’m sure many of you use lists all the time, but usually I am a “let’s wing it” sort of person. This isn’t working for me lately SO lists are a must! I make a list of everything I want to get done that day and put stars next to the things that MUST get done. That way, even if I don’t finish everything, at least the important bits are completed.
  2. Doing things other than writing (aka staring at my screen/or paper). I’ve been baking a lot more for one thing. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see loaves of bread and batches of cinnamon rolls. I am experimenting with different flours and recipes. Learning NEW things to take my mind of of what I really want to be able to get done, but am STUCK. It’s really helping!
  3. Writing down my dreams. Even if my subconscious only delivers crazy/weird dreams each night, it’s a different type of creativity.
  4. Getting off social media as much as I can! I am addicted to scrolling. It isn’t healthy! I could scroll for hours upon hours…useless. So, I am trying to be present in my day instead of trekking over to Facebook or Tumblr. It’s been good so far! SO difficult to stay away, but it’s already a little better with tiny effort.
  5. Make changes. We rearranged our kitchen today. Already, I feel like I can think a little better. I’m also planning to revamp this blog’s design a little bit to jazz things up. Any ideas?

What do you do to get motivated to DO THE THING? Thanks for sticking around as I figure stuff out. I love you all!

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