Mom, You are NOT Fat

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Mom, You are NOT Fat

This beautiful letter was recently posted on one of the Mommy groups I’m a part of on Facebook. Body image is what we make of it. You decide how you feel about yourself! I hope this letter inspires you as it did me. Click on the link above and check it out!

After rereading the letter again, I decided I needed to elaborate on my opinion about it. It’s amazing what kids can pick up on. As a parent, I speak no lie according to my sons. I know, if someday I said I was fat, they would believe me! No questions asked. I never thought about that before. It’s not good, but I hint that I’m fat all the time. I need to stop that. Because of myself and also because of my kids. They are only almost 2 and almost 7 months right now, but it’s important to set an example. I never thought about it before reading this letter!

I am beautiful. (Even if I could stand to lose a few pounds…but I won’t tell my sons that!)


Wearing daddy's clothes!

Wearing daddy’s clothes!

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