Overcoming Depression is HARD

July 28, 2013 , In: Inspiration , With: No Comments

Hey. It’s been awhile. I’ve been trying to write, but honestly it’s been difficult to make time around here. Not only is it nuts, but I have not been feeling the greatest lately. Our situation is not my favorite thing in the world, so some days are definitely more depressing than others. I know I have been so blessed to have a family that will take me and my family in while we are struggling to make it, but I can’t help but want more. I want out of here! I want to be financially secure so we can start paying off school loans and credit cards. But alas, now is not the time it seems.

Since I have no apparent control over our situation for the time being, the only way I can release these emotions is through writing, drawing, and singing. I have a journal where I write down my thoughts and drawings and it really does help! No one can judge my secret journal and it lets me vent without freaking anyone out.

Singing is great too. The kids love to listen and I love to sing. What’s to lose?

Sometimes nothing helps. And all I can do is make it to the next day where it will seem better.

Again, I know many many people have worse lives than mine. I wish better lives for everyone! For now, I also wish it for myself.

Thanks for listening.


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