I am sure a lot of people participating in the A to Z blogging challenge could be talking about Pinterest for the letter P, but I am going to write about it anyway. My computer is being fixed, so it’ll be much more difficult to write this weekend otherwise. (What? I didn’t schedule my posts for the entire month already? Iย did start off way ahead, but now I am just keeping up!)

The Good: Look at all the pretty things. All the things I didn’t know I needed. I have pin boards for reading, writing, DIY, gardening, and fashion. Everything under the sun can be organized on one beautiful interface (even ‘how to organize’ pins!) and it is amazing. One of my favorite boards is my FX Makeup Board. I have so many ideas for my epic Halloween costume. Any guesses from my recent pins? I use my boards as spring boards to get me going on future projects. I even made a “Summer Projects” board, hoping that Luke and I can complete a few of them this year. There are only a few pins in there so far, but I have more I want to add!

I could pin all day.

The Bad: I could pinย all day. It’s addicting. What did I even do with my time before pinning food, gardening, and makeup hacks? Maybe I was actually cooking, or gardening, or putting on makeup? Who needs those things anymore when I can just look at beautiful photos of those things I used to do? (Ok, I have never really gardened. But now that I have a house/land I want to start! Must. Pin. More.)

The Katy: My Pinterest account link is here. I like an eclectic mix of items from Geek, fashion, home, kids, food, and other fun things! Shorter post today….I have pinning to do!

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