Q is for Quiet

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Q is a difficult letter. Do I want to write about quitting? Not really. Quail? No idea…I have never even eaten quail. Although those cute little quail eggs on Food Network shows are super cute/look delicious. But still…no. I decided on quiet. Beautiful, glorious QUIET. View other ‘Q’ posts from other blogs participating in the 2015 Blogging from A to Z Challenge, here.


It’s quiet…too quiet…

The Good: After having two kids, my definition of the term ‘quiet’ is redefined. No longer does it mean: total silence or hushed voices. Now, it means: “They aren’t screaming. They are only yell-talking (it’s a thing)! What a peaceful day!” or “They are pretending to nap (banging on the door of their room) so I have ‘Rainy Mood’ playing while I try to nap.” Quiet is a beautiful thing, no matter how deluded I am.

The Bad: Complete silence reaches my ears as I reach into a cupboard to sneak a cookie when the kids aren’t looking.

That innocent face

That innocent face

A feeling prickles the back of my neck…something is off. It’s TOO quiet.

Running to my bedroom (only TV in the house right now), I see Tristan surrounded by a spilled box of Hamburger Helper, calmly chomping on raw noodles. Phew, he didn’t color on the walls or squeeze toothpaste all over the carpet. I leave him eating noodles and walk back to my cookie to find Graham has half of it shoved into his mouth. Sneaky bugger! Quiet means trouble. It could’ve been worse, but I’ve been getting better about not leaving stuff out for the kids to get into. Because they will. And the only warning I’ll receive is total silence.

The Katy: Ok, so the kids aren’t always yelling. Often, at least one of them falls asleep during actual nap time and Luke and I get a little quiet time to ourselves. At this time in our life, a nap can be the most beautiful kind of quiet time.

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