Three Minutes to Neptune with Guest Author ( Space Captain) Aaron Hubble

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In the very first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise

Did you think I wouldn’t see your eye roll?

Yeah, I know I’m referencing probably the least liked Star Trek show, but put your space opera snobbery aside for a moment and just listen.

Anyway, as I was saying, in the very first episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, Captain Archer says the new warp five ship can fly to Neptune and back in six minutes. It was the fastest humans had ever traveled. The universe would open up in ways they hadn’t thought possible. They were excited. They were optimistic.

They were so naive.

The rest of the universe didn’t care who they were or what their hopes and dreams were. The Enterprise and her crew got the snot beat out of them.

So, why am I going back to the first episode of a mostly forgettable chapter in Star Trek history?

Because that one line has stuck in my head for years. There was something about the optimism and wonder in Archer’s voice which captured my imagination. When I started writing I was looking for a name for my (neglected) blog. I wanted something nerdy and geeky and maybe a little obscure.

And positive. It needed to convey the idea of better things ahead. Because, hey, let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard to see the positive in the real world.

This line came back to me. Neptune and back in six minutes.

What if they didn’t turn around? What if they kept going? That’s what I would do. Once you’ve gone that far, you might as well take a tour around the universe and see what else is out there.

Three Minutes to Neptune was born.

At first it was just a name for my blog. I liked the way it sounded. It conveys motion to a distant object. Since then it has grown to mean more to me. I wasn’t sure where this writing thing was going to take me, or what I even wanted to accomplish with it. To be honest I still don’t really have a clue, but Three Minutes to Neptune represents a mindset, and not just for my writing. It pushes me to think beyond what I can see right in front of me. It extends to my day job.

Ten years ago, my family was struggling financially. I took a second job as a night janitor. That was a bit of an ego blow to a college graduate. Then I became a woodworker with that same company, and found a passion for building and designing furniture. I saw an opportunity and I worked really hard. Last week, ten years after taking that second job, I was named manager of our woodshop.

Three Minutes to Neptune. Looking past the circumstances you’re in to something bigger and grander.

It also means exploring and trying new things. Look, I’m not using the degree I worked hard to earn in college. Sometimes that bothers me, but at forty I know myself a lot better than I did at twenty. I’m a creative to the core and whether it’s designing and building furniture or designing and building new worlds to write about, I can’t imagine not creating something. I didn’t have that with my degree. But I do now because I took a chance.

Three Minutes to Neptune.

So, what is it you want? What goal is on your sensor display, but is just beyond the limb of a distant planet? Write it down, tack it on the cork board above your desk and, if it helps, scribble Three Minutes to Neptune beside it.

That first warp five ship started with plans. Do the same. Plan it out, think about it, and let your imagination run wild about what it could mean for you.

Then climb into the captain’s chair (you know you’ve always wanted to) and give the order. Light up the warp drive and set a course for Neptune and the galaxy beyond. It’s full of wonders and adventure which we can’t even begin to imagine. Sometimes you’ll need to make a course correction. Other times you may need to open up the weapons and fight off those who would want to beat the snot out of your dreams. Do it. Fight for it, and never stop.

When you do get your plot charted, let me know. I’d love to go on the journey with you.

Can I be the science officer? And wear pointy ears? Pretty please.

About Aaron Hubble

Greetings and Salutations!

aaron hubble photoHey, glad you stopped by. My name is Aaron Hubble and I thought I’ve give you a little peek into who I am and what I like to do. Ready? Alright, here we go.

So, I’ve been a science fiction fan my whole life. Star Wars was my gateway drug and it just led down a rabbit hole that I haven’t been able to climb out of since.Star Trek, Firefly, Dune, Alien, if it has a spaceship, I’m all over it. Like a lot of nerds, I tried to hide my fandom for a long time, but I’ve fully embraced it now. Resistance was futile and I have been assimilated.

Now, I work as a woodworker, turning big pieces of wood into smaller pieces of wood. I love making furniture, it is a passion of mine. When I’m not doing that, I’m writing. I write sci-fi novels and this blog. With the help of my gorgeous wife, we’re trying to create the best galaxy traversing adventures out there. It is going to be a process, but one I hope you’ll sign-up for.

Let me know who you are. Connecting with other like minded life forms is a lot of fun for me.

Live long and prosper my friends.
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    • Kathy Cilley
    • September 13, 2016

    Love the interview!! I love the old Star Trek, I’m old so my generation. But adore the new cast in the movies. No hating on them. Love the alternate time line. I have one question….did you read The Martian? Love the book and movie. Andy Weir did great. I am checking out your book. Congrats!!!!!! And thank you for the contest.

    • Reply

      Hi Kathy! Isn’t Trek great in all its iterations. Man, I love that show. DS9 has always been my favorite, especially when they get into the Dominion War. You know, I haven’t read the Martian, but I did see the movie and I really enjoyed it. It convinced me never to sign up for a trip their though. I’m not tough enough to survive on Mars. Have you read the Expanse series by James S.A. Corey. I’m on the third book now and it is space opera joy! Those are the kinds of books I want to write when I grow up and become a real author. Hey, I hope you enjoy the books. I appreciate you checking them out. New ones coming soon.

  1. Reply

    Such a beautiful post, full of hope and optimism! You deserve all the success headed your way, Aaron.

    • Reply

      I agree. So beautiful!

      • Aaron Hubble
      • September 20, 2016

      Hi Five!

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