Amazing Steampunk Adventure! “The Rooftop Inventor” by Nooce Miller

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Synopsis: It’s 1879 and seventeen-year-old Theodocia Hews is out of control. Her inventor father Orin Hews tried to raise her to be a proper lady, but Theo says and does whatever she wants. Since girls aren’t supposed to be inventors, she’s secretly building her own airship up on the roof of their house. When her father is attacked and his valuable invention is stolen, she sets out in her untested airship to get her father’s contraption back. She’d better hurry. Her father’s contract with his buyer expires in three days and without it they’re ruined.

theohews_coverThe airship lifts off but things get complicated when Theo finds an unintended passenger aboard. Henry Caracticus Thorne—the thief she’d spotted that very morning making off with things in the market—is an altogether unsuitable companion. But he’s unlike anyone she’s ever met before, he’s willing to help, and he’s drop-dead gorgeous. As they soar through the sky in the close quarters of Theo’s airship, it’s not just the steam engine heating up.

Theo has a hunch who took her father’s invention. Will she manage to catch the culprit before it’s too late? What did that strange lightning storm do to Theo and Henry? And will Theo give in to her heart and act on her growing feelings for Henry?

The Adventures of Theodocia Hews is a humorous YA steampunk adventure/romance series set in 1879 Cincinnati in an alternate universe where the evil institution of slavery was abolished shortly after the United States was founded, the Civil War never happened, crazy inventions are commonplace, and steam power rules!


I loved this book. Not only do I love dressing Steampunk once in awhile (goggles, tiny hat, slightly Victorian dress…), but I enjoy playing any videos games that are considered in the genre and reading stories too. I haven’t read too many full-length Steampunk novels, but I definitely want to check out more after reading “The Rooftop Inventor.” Theodocia Hews is a strong, independent, young woman who wants nothing more to become an inventor like her father. She does it in secret, but soon needs to use of of her untested inventions to chase some thieves.

I enjoyed the touches of Steampunk mixed with Victorian class and culture. A fun read for sure! There is some Romance, but not an overwhelming element to the story. Check it out!

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    Added to my reading list! (: Thanks!
    It does sound pretty cool. Somehow I have gotten into the whole Steampunk thing quite a bit the last couple of months … I especially like when Steampunk meets other genres, but I have yet to really dive into Steampunk on it’s own. This will probably be a good book for me, then! 😉

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      I love when stories cross genres! Any suggestions for me? 😀

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