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Please welcome Author Casey L Bond to THE KATY today for an author spotlight! Check out a few reviews of Casey’s various (awesome) books here and here.

Thank you for joining me, Casey!

What made you want to pursue writing as a career? Any books or people that inspired you to live your dream?

My mom was a huge influence. I told her I thought I’d love to write a book one day and she told me to do it. So, I did! LOL! In writing my first book, I fell in love with crafting stories and the rest is history. Now, I have more characters and stories in my head than I have time to write!

Why did you decide to self-publish?

I didn’t start out as an indie or self-published author. Winter Shadows was picked up by a small press and for a long time, I thought that was the only route available as far as publishing went. However, after I was published, I started looking for author events and book conferences and found UtopYA (now Utopia Con). The folks in their unofficial group became friends, mentors and told me all about self-publishing, so I decided to give it a try.

I loved it so much more than being with the publisher I was signed with, so I terminated my contract with them and published all of my books myself. That’s not to say that my work or someone else’s work wouldn’t fit well with small presses. The one I was with just wasn’t for me. It wasn’t a good fit.

Are you a plotter or a panster?

Yes. I began a pantser and now am sort of a hybrid. I plot to a point but try to remain flexible. I use the eight-point story arc to craft the basic spine of the plot and then let the characters get me from point to point! It works for me.

I’ve read The Harvest Saga, Sin, and Dark Bishop. I’m also looking forward to digging my claws into Catalyst soon. All are very different from each other (and I loved them all)! Do you prefer writing a certain genre over another or serial novels vs. a full novel series?

I really don’t have a preference. I love to read and read stories in all sorts of different genres so I knew starting out that I wouldn’t want to be beholden to one genre. Some stories are built for serials, but not all would work that way. Sin, Temptation and Dark Bishop fit perfectly into small episodes. I don’t think The Harvest Saga or my longer books would work as serials, so it just depends on what’s appropriate for the story itself.

Who would win in a fight? Jake Bishop or Shane Justice?

Okay, this made me laugh out loud. I’m gonna have to say Shane Justice (Sorry, Rach!). I want the good guy to win and Justice is a champion.

Are any of your characters YOU specifically or pieces of yourself?

I think there are tiny snippets of me in all of my female characters specifically. Abby’s stubbornness (The Harvest Saga), Shelby’s crazy (Crazy Love), Seven’s fight (Catalyst), Brooklyn’s sarcasm (Temptation), etc.

Any of the hotties in any of your series the favorite?

Absolutely. I obviously love Gray, Shustice and Mitis. My new fav is Colt from Temptation!

Any hints for future projects? 😀

I think I just gave it away. Temptation is in the hands of my very amazing editor and will be releasing soon! The e-covers for each episode are ready and the full wrap for the cover of the paperback is being designed this week! So, I’ll be able to share them very soon!

Do you have some wisdom to share with aspiring authors out there?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to grow and learn. Ask questions. Don’t stress out about daily word counts, etc. That’ll take the joy out of it. At the same time, don’t forget to get SOME words down each day or week if you can. Keep moving forward. Remember that putting yourself and your work out there is hard. Some people will love it. Some won’t. You can’t please everyone.

What has been your favorite experience as an author so far?

Interacting with readers, via events or social media. It is amazing to me that people take time out of their busy lives to read my books and I’m thrilled to hear what they think about them!

One amazing reader is actually getting a tattoo of a book with elements of her favorite series on them and she’s including an apple for The Harvest Saga! HOLY WOW! That made me one happy lady! EEEP!

Anything else you’d like to share with us today?

I’m all over social media, so feel free to friend me, follow or join my newsletter! I’d love to hang out with you!

Thank you so much for joining me on THE KATY today, Casey! I look forward to reading more of your novels in the future!

Thanks so much, Katy! You are awesome!

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