Bite Sized Interview with Author J. Rudolph!

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image1This week on THE KATY, I am helping celebrate the release of the anthology “Bite Sized Offerings,” which many authors wrote to help pay for a little girl’s medical bills. This coming Saturday (9/5) from 12PM- 10PM CST, is the “Bite Sized Offerings” release party on Facebook! Join the event here! In preparation for this awesome party for such a wonderful cause, I am interviewing several authors from the anthology. (Check out the other interviews too!)

You can buy “Bite Sized Offerings” here on Amazon!

Today’s author for my Bite Sized Interview is author J. Rudolph.

You can find out more about J. Rudolph on her website, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter.

Thank you for joining me here on THE KATY today, J. Rudolph! Let’s get this party started!

How did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

I liked to read a lot but I was always looking for a story that didn’t exist. One day I decided to try writing it myself and then one thing led to another.


Any people, books, or movies that inspired you to pursue your dream?

The whole KDP thing is what really got me going. The idea that I could write a story like all of these other indies was so exciting.

Are you a plotter or a panster?

I’m a bit of both. I keep my outlines loose so if the story migrates a different direction I can run with it.

How did you start writing dystopian?

I am an end of the world kind of girl. I love the idea of the worst case possible and making it anyway.

What does the Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans group on Facebook mean to you?

I love interacting with fans. That’s the best part of being a writer, getting to meet other people and hearing their stories.

Are you self published?

I started self publishing back in 2012, when the world was going to end, and signed with Winlock Press at the end of 2014.

Why did you choose to go this route?

I wanted to be true to the story and indie writing gave me the freedom to be able to. Later I found a publisher who was willing to take the trip with me.

Can you tell me about any of your recent projects?

Currently I am wrapped up in rereleasing The Reanimates. Book one is out and book two is ready to go live very soon!


How did you get involved with “Bite Sized Offerings?”

I met Mysti a couple of years ago and learned about her daughter. Turns out Emalee is my biggest fan, she even dressed up as Cali for Halloween! Emalee and I share a fondness for the apocalypse and something else– I started out as a pediatric nurse who fell in love with the heart and transferred into the heart unit. Us heart gals gotta stick together!

Can you tell us a little bit about your role in the anthology?

I wrote Survivor Sage, a story about a brother and sister who have each other’s back for ever. And for fans of The Reanimates, there is an update on one of the characters that I’ve been asked about.

What do you see as a future? Are zombies a possibility?

Zombies are always a possibility.

Do you have a favorite zombie book, movie, or show?

I don’t really have a fave. If there are zombies I’m in!

Thank you for joining me on THE KATY today! OnE More exciting interview for “Bite Sized offerings” tomorrow!

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