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Please welcome Jeffrey Clare to THE KATY blog today!

12122592_1644651219151429_3575436745961946353_nI… am not an author. I’m on the right with the glasses. Hi. That guy on the left? That’s Eric Shelman. He’s an incredible author. One of my favorite, actually. And he also is an incredib- …Oh. me… right. Jeffrey Shawn Clare. I’m from the suburbs of Cincinnati where I still live. I have two kids, a couple of fluffy cats, and an amazing girlfriend, Shannon Walters (another writer- go figure). I work as a clinical therapist during the day and a publisher and group admin at night. Well… I work as a group admin 24/7. But that’s hardly work. More like a reward or privilege. I do, however, write short stories for anthologies. Such as the one coming out next month or so. How about some links, yeah?

Here is our Publishing company’s page:

Facebook page


Check out “Tales of the Nothing Man”

Check out “A Very Zombie Christmas”

How did you find yourself so involved with the book world?

Geesh, that’s a good question because I’ve never really thought about it. I suppose I got involved so much by providing a group that wasn’t swimming in Amazon links. Haha! But to be serious? Mostly through being an avid reader, growing trusting friendships with authors, and promoting their works through various contests in ATZ. From there I just thought “Why not publish?”. Hence, ATZ Publications was born.

What do you see as a future? Are zombies a possibility?

No. I don’t think zombies will ever be a real thing. The premise doesn’t make any sense.

Do you have a favorite zombie book or movie? Which one and why?

Book: WWZ because of its innovation and epic scale.

Film: probably Zombieland or Shaun. They just make me laugh. I dunno.

Do you have an advice for aspiring writers?

Two simple things. 1) Don’t you dare stop reading. 2) Seek criticism. And if you can’t handle critics- quit. Seriously. Quit. Nobody wants to buy a book written by a baby. Fact.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

YES! Scheduled for a November Release is ATZ’s next anthology, Chronology of the Apocalypse. It’s shaping up to be incredible. I’m amazed at how great these books turn out. The authors really know how to come out swinging.

Ok, really important question here. What are you going to be for Halloween?

If you don’t guess zombie- just… go away now.

Thank you for joining me on THE KATY today, Jeffrey!

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    That was an excellent interview! Especially the first part! Jeffrey is an upstanding dude, & I like the guy a lot. He is welcome in my home anytime!

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