Final Bite Sized Interview with Author Adri Lemke!

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20557_226379216726_5235424_nThis week on THE KATY, I am helping celebrate the release of the anthology “Bite Sized Offerings,” which many authors wrote to help pay for a little girl’s medical bills. Tomorrow, Saturday (9/5) from 12PM- 10PM CST, is the “Bite Sized Offerings” release party on Facebook! Join the event here! In preparation for this awesome party for such a wonderful cause, I am interviewing several authors from the anthology. (Check out the other interviews here)

You can buy “Bite Sized Offerings” here on Amazon!

Today’s author for my Bite Sized Interview is author Adri Lemke.

You can find out more about Adri on her website, Facebook, Amazon, and Twitter.

How did you decide that you wanted to be a writer?

I had a friend in high school who enjoyed writing kind of goofy stories and he wanted me to try writing something. I wrote a few pages and didn’t look at it again until college. When I opened the file, I decided I wanted to continue working on it. I spent most of my free time during my freshman year working on it. Secret Power is the first full-length novel I wrote and I am currently working on some editing and rewriting to get it good enough to publish.

Any people, books, or movies that inspired you to pursue your dream?

I find inspiration all over the place. Nothing really specific, but my family and my best friend Amber have been behind me through everything so far. So far I can’t make a living on it, but I am still dedicated to following my dream of one day being a full time author.

Are you a plotter or a panster?

I mostly fly by the seat of my pants. I have tried planning, but once I get to the writing part, the story chooses its own direction.

How did you start writing dystopian?

The first dystopian story I started because I was asked by Joseph Cautilli to co-author a book with him. I’m always willing to try writing new things, and I had fun with it. For my solo work, Zero (my contribution to Bite-Sized Offerings) is the only one that would qualify as dystopian. Most of my other stories fall into paranormal/suspense (Earthshaker Series) or mystery (Fear).

What does the Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans group on Facebook mean to you?

BOD is a great group. I love the writing prompts that help me get my writing juices flowing. They are also a great way to stretch my abilities and write things I probably wouldn’t otherwise try.

Are you self published?

Yes, so far all of my books are self-published.

Why did you choose to go this route?

I like keeping control of my work. I did originally try to go the traditional publishing route and got a couple nibbles on Tracker (Earthshaker Series book 1) but ultimately my parents helped to convince me to go the self-publishing route to get my work out there for people to find.

Can you tell me about any of your recent projects?

Right now I am working on Oblivion: Earthshaker Series book 4. Oblivion follows directly after the cliffhanger ending in book 3 and pushes Jason and his friends to new limits.

How did you get involved with “Bite Sized Offerings?”

I was contacted by Sara Jones who mentioned the project and that it was meant to help Mysti with the medical bills for her kids. After everything Mysti has done to help market my books it was a no-brainer to join in and help in whatever way I could.

Can you tell us a little bit about your role in the anthology?

I wrote the story Zero and will be involved in the release party. The majority of the work was done by many other people.

What do you see as a future? Are zombies a possibility?

I am a WELS Christian. Besides the technology zombies who already exist, I don’t think it is a likely scenario. 😉 My belief is that at an unknown time Jesus will return and Judgement Day will happen.

Do you have a favorite zombie book, movie, or show?

Quite honestly, before I joined Bite-Sized Offerings I was never into Zombies. I thought they were kind of silly. (Still do, to some extent, but I find them more enjoyable now). I did try watching The Walking Dead and only managed the first episode. I may give it another try at some point to see if I can enjoy it more.

Thank you for joining me today, Adri!

Tonight is the release party for “Bite Sized Offerings!” I hope to see you there (link at the top of this post)!

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