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Derek Borne is the name, and superhero espionage is his game. An up-and-coming science fiction author, he will be releasing the first novel in his “Ultimate Agent” series later this year. A construction worker from Canada, when he’s not writing, he’s playing guitar, randomly breaking into song, and geeking out over whatever Marvel project is coming out next.

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How did you decide to become an author? Any books, movie, or people that inspired you to pursue your dream?

When I was little, my mom bought me one of those old-school tape recorders. I’m pretty sure I wore it out by the number of stories I would tell into it. Listening to and reading Robert Munsch stories kindled my love of being a storyteller.

Over the years, I attempted to write my own movie sequels just for fun, followed by some original work to let my imagination go wild and improve on my writing. It quickly became a hobby and a passion that I couldn’t let go of.

Are you self-published or traditionally published? Why did you choose to go that route?

Originally I self-published my novels, because I never thought about trying to make it big in the “author world”, but to only be able to say “I did it!” It was only a few months ago when I joined a rather awesome Facebook group called “Band of Dystopian Authors”, and made connections with some crazy-amazing people who encouraged me to really put myself out there and take pride in my work. I wouldn’t be getting as far as I am without those wonderful people!

Are you a plotter or a panster? 

Is it possible to have a plot in your pants, and have the ideas randomly trickle… okay, sorry, too far… but that’s kinda how it’s worked for me. When I wrote my first novel at the age of 14, I was definitely a panster. I knew my basic plot, and found that I never knew what was going to happen next until something popped into my mind that somehow worked.

Imagination is an amazing thing, why hinder it’s abilities to surprise even yourself?

What draws you to writing about superheroes?

For those who don’t know me well, I’m a HUGE “Marvel” fan. Their ability to take a character with superhuman powers, yet remind you that they’re still human is fantastic.

Heroes are something that’s far and few between these days, so to create my own was an exciting venture, bringing to life characters that readers can look up to and hopefully identify with. Also, the thought of adding to the genre and telling my own story was exciting to undertake, while trying my best to put a new spin on it.

If you could have any special powers (and could actually choose what those powers were), what would it be?

Oh man, this is the question to top all questions. Would it be cheating to say I’d have the ability to use any power I wanted? I guess that’s bordering on omnipotence…

I guess if I was to choose only one, I would want the ability to take away people’s pains, physical or emotional.

Tell us about the Ultimate Agent!

He’s a really nice guy who saves people… Oh, you mean what’s the book about?

“The Ultimate Agent” is about a civilian who unconventionally becomes part of an American espionage group called the “Ultimate Agency” or UA for short. Through the use of genetics they’re able to ‘give’ people super powers or abilities. Their reason for doing so, a Russian spy organization can do the same thing. It becomes an ‘arms race’ for super powers between the two.
But there are questions when it comes to super powers. Should everyone rely on super powers to take down the threat? How far can you push with how genetics work? And how many super powers can the human body handle?

Do any of your characters represent you as a whole or someone you know? Or are they qualities you admire in others?

I’ve been told by a friend that every character has a little bit of ‘me’ in them. For the most part, each character is based on someone in my life that has made an impact in one way or another. What better way to honour that person than putting them in a novel!

Are there any genres of literature or movies that you won’t read or watch? What’s your favorite genre to read/watch?

I stay away from horror and erotica, and anything over-the-top gory.

As I mentioned before, I generally stick to my Marvel movies and shows. Anything sci-fi, really. Although, I’m a sucker for musicals and rom-coms, but that’s the singer/romantic in me. Book-wise, I’ve been getting into some dystopian by M.A. Phipps, and I’m hooked!

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? 

Ultimately, figure out what you’re writing for. Are you doing it for the glory/money? Chances are if you are, it’s going to be a hard road to travel with some emotional bumps along the way.

But if you’re doing it for yourself, for the love of the art, and for those who appreciate you and your talent, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts in more ways than you can imagine. And I know everyone says this, but, keep writing. No matter what. Listen to your heart and your imagination.

Any upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I’m currently into revamping the 2nd book in my “Ultimate Agent” trilogy, but before I undertook it I was halfway done working on book #4 in the series. So once the 2nd and 3rd book rewrites are finished, I’ll be back to tackling that one.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Don’t focus on the ‘what-I-could’ve-done’s, focus on the ‘what-I-can-do-today’s. Why not be someone’s hero today?

Can you tell us about the fabulous prize you’re giving away today?

The winner will be receiving their choice of a UA hero t-shirt, personalized mug, and a signed copy of “The Ultimate Agent”!

Thank you for joining me on THE KATY today, Derek! Everyone be sure to enter the giveaway below! It will give you the option to share for more entries after you complete the form. 😀

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