Hello, everyone! You may have noticed some changes happening around the site. I am taking THE KATY in a slightly new direction in that I’m going to focus a lot of my own writing now. Don’t worry! I still am planning many interviews with authors and a few book reviews as well. One of my favorite things about the Indie and Self-Publishing world is the connectedness we share with each other. Not only do we share each other’s book releases and victories, but we genuinely want to help each other reach the next level in our craft. Pretty sweet.

A few of the changes happening besides the site:

I have an author page on Amazon. You can check out my current books here! There isn’t a lot on there yet, but I’m excited to fill it up with many more stories.

I have a new Facebook page that focuses on me as an author. It’ll be easier to share the things I’m doing without losing the awesomeness that is the author interview on THE KATY blog’s Facebook page.

And I’m working on getting on Goodreads too. I feel so official! Haha!

Possibly a new logo, but that might be further down the road.

So, don’t mind the mess on here. It’ll be shiny again soon!

Thank you so much for your love and support.

-Katy Walker, Author.


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