Cover reveal! “Strikers: Eastlands” by Ann Christy

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Strikers: Eastlands by Ann Christy



We are thrilled to bring you the cover reveal for Strikers: 

Eastlands, the second installment in the Strikers Trilogy by Ann Christy. Take a

peek below!


Strikers Eastlands

Strikers: Eastlands by Ann Christy

Genre: YA Dystopian (with romance)

Series: Strikers Trilogy, Book Two

Publication: May 2016

Escape from Texas was only the beginning.

Karas and crew are free, but freedom is relative for a striker. Never sure when trouble might

find them, they’ve spent a year trading along the great river and exploring the world they’ve

only just discovered is real.

It’s a good life, but life on the sea is a treacherous thing. When a hurricane traps them between

open ocean and the mysterious land of Florida – a place from which no visitor returns – they find

themselves in greater danger than ever before.

Florida turns out to be more than a secretive place that hoards technology. It’s a land filled with

dangerous plots and even more dangerous people. Texas is Florida’s enemy and nothing else

matters except victory. Strikers like Karas and her friends are exactly what Florida has been

looking for. Within their bodies they hold the keys to victory and Florida wants to posses those

keys, no matter the cost. Whether or not the friends can survive contact with Florida will

depend on how deeply they can dig into themselves for strength…and how much they’re willing

to sacrifice.






About the Author:AnnChristy-profile

Ann Christy is a retired Navy commander and secret science fiction writer. She lives by the sea

under the benevolent rule of her canine overlords and assorted unruly family members. She

can often be found running around in her pajamas and thinking up terrible situations for her

characters to fight their way out of with no help from her. Ann is the author of the exciting

Between Life and Death series, the ongoing Strikers trilogy, and the Amazon best-selling Silo 49

series. Her new series, Perfect Partners, Incorporated, is a compelling and deeply entertaining

look at humanity through the eyes of those who are not human…but might be even more

sentient than we are.  Visit to learn more and sign up for her newsletter!

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    Thanks so much for hosting!

    • amanda
    • April 11, 2016


    • amanda lindsey
    • April 11, 2016

    Love the new cover and the colors! I haven’t read it yet but plan on it!

    • Reply

      The first one is great. I highly recommend it! Can’t wait until this one comes out.

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