Flash Fiction: The Finding by me

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(Photo Credit: http://www.tritonic.ro/blog/2014/01/imaginatia/)

The Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans Facebook group has an awesome writing prompt every once in awhile. The rules are to write a story that’s 300 words or less using a certain photo (this time an overgrown abandoned library) and starting with a few provided sentences. The two bolded sentences are the prompt and the rest of the story is mine. I had fun with this one! To see one of my past prompt entries, click here to read The Outsider.

“It has to be here somewhere,” Jack said.
Beck looked at him, then around the room. “There’s no way we’ll find it in time.”
Jack shrugged. “Then we die.”
I scowled at Jack before pointing my phone at yet another pile of books. The app still showed nothing. I stalked towards the other end of the room away from my brothers. Maybe if we split up one of us would find it.
A rustling sound reached my ears. Hundreds of deteriorating books were falling off the shelves like a waterfall of paper. Beck stared at the sight in muted horror while glancing at his app every few seconds.
“I think…I found it, Elle.”
I ran towards Beck with everything I had. “Beck, move! I’ll take it on!”
Before I could reach him, Beck’s app rang the happy beeps that accompanied a finding. Now he had to be the one to catch it.
“My level…it’s so much lower than yours.” Beck’s eyes threatened tears.
I turned to Beck and grabbed his arm. “You can do this Beck. You have to.”
Jack and I ran for the back of the room. “No pressure.” Jack muttered to himself.
Beck kept his eyes on his app as the books stopped shifting. “Where is it…” He said, sweat beaded across his brow.
A sizzling sound reached our ears as a bolt of electricity zipped through Beck’s body before it threw him against the wall next to us.
“Beck!” I screamed as Jack held me back.
“It’s too late, Elle! He’s gone.”
I wiped my tears and ran towards the pile of books. My app beeped as it found the creature.
“You’re mine!” I growled.
A yellow rat, the size of a small horse jumped out of the pile of books, an impish smile glazed across it’s face.
Sledgehammer raised, I charged the beast. It was mine. The last one we needed. We soon would be free.

Ha! What did you think? Want to join in? Check out BOD and write a fun story!

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