So this isn’t my usual type of post, but I am super excited to head to Springfield, MO for the Ozark Indie Book Fest in October 2017. Not only have I never been to Missouri (unless I am forgetting a long lost memory of a family vacation), I also didn’t realize it wasn’t that far away from my home state. While I’m there enjoying some awesome book-time, I definitely want to check out some of the sights. Here are the top 5 places I am interested in checking out (so far). Let me know in the comments if I’m missing anything AWESOME that needs to be seen!

  1. Pythian Castle (

It’s a CASTLE. What more can I say? Ok, well, not only does the castle look like a great place to take photos, but there are ghost tours and murder mystery funtimes to be had. Yes, please!

2. Showboat Branson Belle (

This looks awesome. As the name implies, it’s a boat where you see a live show (and also eat food…WIN). It sounds like a fun way to end a busy day.

3.  Fantastic Caverns (

I haven’t been to a cave in years. As a kid, my parents took us to several different ones around the U.S. This cave looks even cooler than the ones I’ve seen because it’s a ride through cave. You don’t even have to walk. Sometimes caves can be a little slippery when walking so we will bypass that and just ride around! Woo!

4. Silver Dollar City (

I love theme parks. When I have a chance to check out one I haven’t heard of, I will jump at the chance to find some new roller coasters to try!

5. Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield (

My husband is a huge history buff so I know we’ll need to check this out while we’re here. Apparently, the second major battle of the Civil War was fought here? I’m always up for learning something new.

Which of these things would you like to try? Are you going to join me on a roller coaster? Be sure to check out the Ozark Indie Book Fest Site for ticket and convention information. This is going to be awesome!

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