BOD ZOMBIE BLOG CRAWL REVIEW: The Mortuary Arts by John Gregory Hancock!

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Another epic-sized title for this post as well! I hope you enjoyed the other review I posted today. If you haven’t seen my review for Ann Christy’s “The Book of Sam,” click here to take a look.

If you haven’t entered the BOD ZOMBIE BLOG CRAWL GIVEAWAY, click the link to check out that main post and enter for some awesome prizes! Author John Hancock is giving away a print from “The Mortuary Arts!” Pictured below the review.

Interview with John, here! (Sorry…SO many links today!)

This review isn’t for a zombie book, but it IS a terrific Halloween read, so I think it counts!


27232253Synopsis (from Amazon): Katherine O’Donnell was born with a disfiguring strawberry birthmark across the bottom of her face. In 1880s London, that was enough to discourage suitors. Love was something for which she yearned, but never found within her reach.
Out of necessity, she became adept at hiding inside her home and behind makeups she formulated and applied herself.
When tragedy upended her modest life and dumped her out onto the streets, she was bereft of options.
Desperate, she answered an advertisement for a mortuary assistant, applying makeup to cadavers. She knew what she had to do when asked what skills she possessed that qualified her for the position. Kate brazenly used her kerchief to wiped away the concealing powders and stand before them, birthmark revealed and prominent.
She learned to find beauty in her newfound art,
forming masques to make the dead resemble the living.

If only her education had ended there.

A neo-gothic novella of growing suspense and horror, with 26 beautiful interior illustrations.


I feel bad for the main character, Katherine, when her already hard life becomes worse when this tragedy takes place in her life. Forced from her home, she finds her true calling as a mortuary assistant. Mortuary Arts is a splendid, morbid, dark, and beautiful Halloween read. I look forward to making this story a Halloween tradition along with watching The Nightmare Before Christmas. The interior monologue adds an element of curiosity as I read the story. I kept wondering until the end when it was made clear! I highly recommend this novella to anyone who likes a neo-gothic tale complete with intrigue, lies, secrets, and death. Also, you will never find me working in a morgue or funeral home! Especially after reading The Mortuary Arts!

Print from "The Mortuary Arts" by Author John Hancock. *Weimaraner not included.

Print from “The Mortuary Arts” by Author John Hancock.
*Weimaraner not included.

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