onward zombies

Good morning (or evening if you live somewhere far away from Wisconsin)! I’m not going to lie to you, my dears, this month has gotten off to a rough start. Personal issues have lit me on fire this month (and not in a metaphorical “let’s DO THIS” sort of way…). Since I don’t have anyone else writing on this blog, I am IT when it comes to content (unless I acquire a lovely author to write a guest post. Love those, don’t you agree?). Even though I have pain in my heart, I am moving forward. Even if it means becoming a zombie for just a little while. I’ll keep moving forward with my life and do my best with the cards I’ve been dealt. That is all you can do sometimes. If you are going through personal issues right now, know that you are enough. You are beautiful and deserving. If anyone tells you otherwise, they obviously don’t have a brain (get it? Because, zombies?…nevermind).

But I am still here and I have exciting news to share! One amazing thing to happen this month is that I am now officially a published author. I had the privilege to have my story chosen out of MANY entries for the All Things Zombie anthology titled “Tricks, Treats, and Zombies!” You can find the anthology on Amazon only here.

Check it out on Goodreads too!

Here is the overall synopsis of the anthology taken from Amazon:

Hordes of gnashing, chipped-tooth mouths and grabby hands… anticipating Halloween treats. This time they aren’t wearing masks. This time… YOU are the treat.
And They.
Stories from some of the best authors in the genre and a special foreword by best-selling author Joe McKinney. Join us as we trudge from house to house, ringing bells, and knocking on doors. Happy Halloween.

My story is titled “Salvation” and follows a teen and her younger brother as they escape, alone, via a train which is traveling to a new colony of survivors. I hope you’ll check it out! If you want to WIN a copy, please visit my Facebook page where I am giving away one e-book copy of “Tricks, Treats, and Zombies!” Giveaway ends on 10/18.

The SECOND amazing thing is the author interview I have planned for tomorrow, 10/13 (AKA the scariest Thursday in the history of Thursdays… Maybe). SO TUNE IN TOMORROW. 

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