Ren: God’s Little Monster by Sarah Noffke

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rengodslittlemonSynopsis: Ren Lewis has the life he’s always wanted: the perfect woman and the perfect job as an agent for the Lucidites, fixing problems before they happen. And yet, he’s still miserable. He blames the monster buried inside of him for his problems. But what this redheaded Brit doesn’t realize is his life is about to be intensely transformed. Problems that he never could have fathomed begin to surface one at a time until his life quickly spirals out of control. Ren, who has never considered himself quite human, is about to learn just how flawed and vulnerable he really is. There just might be problems he doesn’t have answers for, villains he can’t defeat alone, and a heart in his chest that is actually capable of breaking. Readers witness a new side to this man, a side that will make him, if for only an instant, appear human. This powerful genius will meet his match. And she has the ability to do something special. She can break Ren Lewis.


Oh, Ren. Seeing bits of your resolve crumble bit by bit in the face of this new challenge is amazing. It doesn’t happen all at once, but each chapter brings out just a little more humanity in you while still keeping your brutal personality in tact.

Sarah Noffke has beautifully shown that even though a character is a huge jerk (albeit a lovable one) they can find both love and happiness in unexpected places.

Without giving away any spoilers (because I refuse to be that sort of person), know that this sequel continues Ren’s adventures as an extremely talented and powerful dream traveler. And not all obstacles are enemies.

Ren is sort of an ever-present entity in each of Sarah’s novels. So another thing I enjoy about this series is seeing some of those characters and events come into play.

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