Born with the power to control minds, hypnotize others, and read thoughts, Ren Lewis, is certain of one thing: God made a mistake. No one should be born with so much power. A monster awoke in him the same year he received his gifts. At ten years old. A prepubescent boy with the ability to control others might merely abuse his powers, but Ren allowed it to corrupt him. And since he can have and do anything he wants, Ren should be happy. However, his journey teaches him that harboring so much power doesn’t bring happiness, it steals it. Once this realization sets in, Ren makes up his mind to do the one thing that can bring his tortured soul some peace.

He must kill the monster.




Ren is a snarky, arrogant, spiteful jerk. And I love him. Ren was first introduced me in Sarah Noffke’s series “The Lucidites.” Although not the main character, Ren slapped my heart in the face and went on his merry way without a care. I actually imagined Ren as having a stereotypical gay accent, but Sarah definitely shows that this isn’t the case in her book all about the man himself.

Ren grows up in a small town that is far beneath him in all ways. He uses his powers as he pleases until he gets bored with the people there and moves to London.

I thoroughly enjoyed following Ren on his journey to find peace with himself and others. He may have had a harder journey than most, but we can probably all relate to needing some time to ourselves to think about the choices we’ve made. The friends we’ve hurt. The broken hearts and promises.

Ren soon discovers that he cannot run away from his past and faces it head on. Will he overcome or be defeated? Will he use his amazing abilities for good or evil?

Read Ren today and find out!

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