Review: Ballistic (Icarus Series Book 2) by Aria Michaels

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Synopsis: It’s been three days since Solar Storm Icarus silenced the world…three days since the GRS virus wiped out most of humanity and started changing the few who remained. Liv and the others made it through the initial wave, but they’ve lost a lot along the way and the journey to Salvation is far from over. A rogue military organization has taken hold of the area and they possess a weapon that could change everything.

Ballistic.Final.AM_EBookWhen Liv finds out her brother and the other refugees are being held captive at Camp Seco, she will risk everything to get him back. As the group embarks upon a dangerous rescue mission, a rival band of survivors threatens their safety and a new storm gathers overhead. The virus has spread and the infected are being drawn together. What’s worse, the beast that lurks inside of Liv is growing stronger and more difficult to control. But Liv has a promise to keep–and her little brother is running out of time.

Will Liv be able to harness her strength to save her brother and the hundreds of other innocents beyond the walls of Camp Seco, or will she let the monster out and put them all at risk?

Review: The next book in the epic saga of Liv Larson brings their group into to more danger and some answers to the questions they have about what the hell is going on around them since Icarus plunged the world into chaos. Aria Michaels brings the reader almost non-stop action that left my heart beating out of my chest and onto the floor.

As always, I love Liv’s determination and courage as she tries to hold onto her humanity while protecting everyone at the same time. Can you imagine trying to protect those you love when you almost can’t control yourself? It would be horrible/tough, yet Liv chokes down her guilt at putting others in harms way and continues to lead. The newly introduced characters are all different and I’m interested to see what happens to them in the next installment. In this type of story, almost no one is safe (even with Louie swinging around)!

My only complaint is that book three isn’t out yet. 😉

Find Ballistic (Icarus Series, Book 2) on Amazon! 

Start from the beginning of the series with Killshot! My review here. Amazon link here.

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    Katy, can this one be read successfully as a standalone?

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      No. It wouldn’t make sense without reading book one. Killshot is great. I’ll edit my post and add a link to both. <3

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