Review: Between Life and Death by Ann Christy

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Synopsis: Veronica waits for news while a broiling summer bakes the deaders still 11207799_1557108074553141_711101007_o (1)roaming the world. Back at the warehouse complex, the rest of the group keeps watch over their group of captive in-betweeners and tries to stay alive. At long last, Veronica finds a package left by Princeton and Violet at their drop-off point. Everything is finally going their way and a cure for the in-betweeners might finally be within their grasp.

But, nothing stays easy in the post-nanite world of deaders and in-betweeners. Not everyone wants a cure for the nanite plague. Around every shiny, white cloud is a deep, black lining. This time, the clouds are smoke and there is a storm coming.

Between Life and Death is book three in the exciting, post-apocalyptic Between Life and Death trilogy. With mild language and occasional violence, (and some very gross undead), this series is suitable for ages 16 and up.

Review: The final installment to Ann Christy’s take on a post-apocalyptic zombie tale is an action packed non-stop adventure ridden thrill ride. Not only do Veronica and her adoptive family need to discover a cure, but they also have to worry about the people who don’t want a cure to happen. I can’t believe the series is over! I feel like Veronica, Emily, and the rest of their group are my family. Another awesome part is that no one was a whiny person that didn’t want to pull their weight to help the group. Each person wanted to help find a cure, even if they had differences of opinion on other topics. Family. Team mates. Survivors together. Love it! Ann Christy has woven an amazing world where the undead In-Betweeners may not be all that they seem to be. Veronica is a fighter with heart. She feels responsible for everything around her and especially for Emily, who she has sworn to protect. Absolutely amazing ending to a series! If anyone reads it and wants to message me to talk about it in depth, feel free! I won’t post spoilers here, but HOLY CRAP.

You can find Ann Christy on her website, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, and buy her books on Amazon.

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