Review: Crash Alive by Christopher Kerns

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crashA code that has never been broken.
A secret society with an unthinkable plan.
A hacker that has had enough.

The only comfort teenager Haylie Black knows is in the world of technology – coding late into the night, building cool gadgets, and occasionally breaking into places where she doesn’t belong. But Haylie’s world is turned upside down when she learns shocking news: her brother has vanished attempting to solve an Internet puzzle known as “Raven 2309.”

To find him, Haylie must enter an unknown world, circling the globe and uncovering the dangerous group behind Raven’s design, to outsmart a puzzle that has never been solved; the puzzle called “The Greatest Mystery on the Internet.”

Crash Alive is a next-generation thriller, featuring hacking techniques ripped from today’s headlines, real-world secret societies, and puzzles that will keep readers turning the next page, trying their best to stay one step ahead.


*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This novel was right up my alley. I love technology and while I cannot hack anything and don’t know a fraction of what Haylie Black does, I loved reading about it all. Haylie is a lonely senior in high school who know computers, code, and all thing internet. When she is approached by two big tech company CEOs with the challenge to find her missing brother, things get interesting QUICK. Crash Alive is a thrilling adventure about how technology, government, and people scheming to control the world. As she uncovers clues towards finding her brother, she begins to understand that not all things are what they seem. I don’t think my heart slowed down for one second. I need to read book two!

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