Review: “Forever Between” by Ann Christy

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Synopsis: Four year ago the world was destroyed by medical nanites gone awry, leaving humanity divided into three groups: the living, deaders, and the horrific in-betweeners. Two years ago, Emily braved that dangerous world to try and save a group of children trapped downtown. Now, it’s Veronica’s turn to try and save Emily in return. Their only hope lies eighty miles away at a military hospital where nanite treatments were once given. Between Veronica and that hospital is a world of deaders, in-betweeners and possibly something even worse…humans. Forever Between is book two in the exciting post-apocalyptic trilogy, Between Life and Death. With mild language and occasional violence, (and some very gross undead), this series is suitable for ages 16 and up. (via Amazon)

25249701I was privileged to be on Ann Christy’s “read and review” list for book two in her “Between Life and Death Series.” You can read my review of book one, “The In-betweener”, here.  Book two, “Forever Between,” was just as exciting (if not more so!) than book one. The book is in the viewpoint of Veronica, a girl saved by Emily in the first novel. Veronica is brave, intelligent, but real at the same time. She does what she has to, but is still (understandably) afraid of the horrible circumstances thrust upon them. I like a real character. I want to relate to this person, even if their situation is something I will never find myself in someday. The other characters are also real, yet different. Each has their own personality, allowing them to shine when it’s their turn to speak. In some books, I forget about secondary characters because they are bland. Here I remembered who in this post-apoc “family” was speaking without having to backtrack to see where they were introduced. And little Jon…he kills me. I have kids, a 3.5 year old and a 2 year old. This boy speaks to me with such heartbreaking truth about their horrible situation as if my own sons are written into the text. I can’t imagine them needing to go so still and quiet and Jon has to in times of need. Yet, he (and the little girl, Maribelle) holds hope and childhood joys for the future. He still plays and laughs (quietly!), not fearing death unless the situation calls for it at the time. Beautiful and sad, Ann. Nicely written. You’ve killed my motherly heart!

I still haven’t figured out a “star” rating system or anything for reviews, but if I had one I would give “Forever Between” a five. I will definitely reread this series at some point because of the characters, story, and entertainment value. I think if it’s worth rereading, it needs a high rating. Let’s face it, there are a lot of books out there! So if I want to read it again at some point instead of reading a NEW book, that’s got to be a good sign!

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    Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I’m so very glad you liked it. And doubly glad that the characters really pulled some feeling out of you. I wanted to write them real. Ann

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    First blog review of Forever Between! I’m so excited. Just eight days until release!

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    This seems like a weird approach to the zombie genre. Normally, I wouldn’t get close to anything zombie-related but I read to the end of my review. Maybe I’ll catch this.

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