Review: Players by Bridget Nash

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Now, on to a book review! I was honored to host the book release party for “Players” by Bridget Nash on Saturday night in the Band of Dystopian Authors and Fans Facebook group. We had an awesome turnout and had a lot of fun. I read Players a week or so ago and am finally getting around to writing up a review!

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Synopsis: Ryan Scribe is eighteen and has it made.
He lacks nothing and doesn’t even know anyone who lacks anything.
Then he hears a beautiful actress say, “Truth is often stranger than perception,” and he begins to look at his world with new eyes.
All it takes is one wrong question and he is swiftly banished from the only home he’s ever known. Forced to join a band of traveling players, stage actors who look like they could have stepped straight out of Elizabethan England, Ryan begins to question his life, his country and everyone around him. Can he really trust a group of actors? Will his questions land him in even more danger?

27557254Review: Players is a unique blend of a dystopian world blended with the arts. I am a huge theater/Shakespeare fan, so I was excited to read something so unique. Ryan Scribe has a boring life without passion. Can you imagine not having anything to look forward to? But finally, he finds what makes him unique. But was it worth it?

The characters in Players were well developed and fun to read about. I loved all the drama and plotting going on. I’ve imagined going on a journey with traveling players and this book really brings that dream to life!

It was a little slow moving in parts, but not enough to bring me out of the story.

I highly recommend this awesome dystopian tale!



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