Review: The Soultakers by Christina L Rozelle

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Synopsis (via Goodreads):

“What a journey you have been on, Joy Montgomery. But it isn’t over yet . . . . No . . . I’m afraid you have much farther to go.”

Joy Montgomery is a hero. The Treemakers are finally home, safe and free in a well-deserved and long dreamed of paradise. The children can now settle into normal, carefree lives. Or so they thought.
Troubled by secrets their newfound paradise reveals, coupled with tangled feelings toward those she loves, Joy sees the painful truth: they’re still prisoners forever wounded by the effects of a traumatic past. An ominous warning from a trusted friend strengthens her resolve to never let down her guard, to always be prepared, to be ready for war . . . both inside and out.
Once again, the Treemakers are faced with escaping disaster, and Joy’s strength is pushed to its limit, her sanity pushed to the brink of collapse. Just when their situation couldn’t get any more desperate, they’re thrust into a series of shocking tribulations that are nothing short of nightmarish.
Will the Treemakers of Greenleigh annihilate the forces of evil that seek to capture and control their souls? Or will the magic Joy thought she found turn out to be just another illusion?

This is the second book in the Treemakers Trilogy. This series is intended for mature YA audiences, as there are certain mature themes (abuse, character deaths, etc.,) which may be too emotionally intense for younger readers.


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A light in the darkness. Hope when there should be nothing to hope for except an untimely end. Joy and her little family is in danger. She knows this paradise is too good to be true (because it isn’t), but wants to illusion––the lie––the continue as long as she can. The kids have had too many painful moments and deserve some happiness. Happiness eludes them again. The illusion shatters. The magic is gone.

I loved this book. One of the main reasons I read dystopian is because the characters can find the tiniest glimmer of hope in the direst of situations. Even when the pain sends them to their knees, they find their footing again. And again. And again. Joy is the embodiment of this genre. She takes on the guilt and pain from making promises she can’t keep, even though she’s doing everything she can. A lesser person would break after carrying the world on her shoulders for so long.

I enjoyed watching the hidden truths unravel and secrets becoming exposed. I loved Joy’s horrible adventures in trying to find herself again and watching as she again tried to protect those dearest to her.

A great read and awesome storytelling, The Soultakers makes an amazing sequel to The Treemakers. Check it out!

Related…isn’t her cover amazing!? I love it.


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